Composition of the course

Evolutionary medicine


Darwinian or "evolutionary medicine" is a relatively recent perspective that gains slowly but surely more and more implementation in all sections of medicine, for instance: emergency medicine, internal medicine, gastro-enteric medicine, bacteriology, virology, psychology and osteopathy…

In the case of osteopathy, Evost is a return to the original thinking and to the fundamental principles.

EVOST is therefore:

a philosophical & evolutionary approach

a philosophical & evolutionary course

a Fellowship that focuses on philosophical growth through debate, interchange and scientific research for people interested in the nature of our world, in life and in their maintenance systems with health as result.

EVOST stands for knowledge, consciousness and questioning. Not knowledge in the sense of just acquiring information (although participants usually do), but knowledge in the sense of knowing.

Biology is the foundation of any possible medical branch, because the term ‘biology’ means the mother-science of all kinds of science that focus on life (Bio = life, Logo = knowledge). Or like the great genetic biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky points it out: “ Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”.

Until recently any evolutionary perspective was missing in medical education and specialization. Today the evolutionary approach gains more and more interest in the different medical branches, because the usability is more and more seen.

Evolutionary Medicine and Osteopathy


The primary goal of osteopathic medicine for A.T.Still, is to find health in the patient, not illness.

In any living organism health is the product of it’s specific development and evolutionary history, and this in its specific environment and its consequent self-organised complexity. Because during evolution of species complexity increases continuously, it is only possible to integrate this chronology and hierarchy when one has a living picture of what implies complexity of life at the edge of chaos.

And just that is the goal of evolutionary osteopathy. De osteopathic evolutionary approach tries to connect with eachother the knowledge of evolutionary biology and the original osteopathic philosophic principles and questions hereby the osteopathy of today and of the past.

After an iteration of about 134 years the osteopathic philosophy goes back to her original foundations: the evolutionary theory, the study of system-complexity with the mechanisms of maintenance and gain of health.

Why is this course in English?
Attendants of the seminars as well as the EVOST fellows are coming from various countries within and outside of Europe. Therefore the English language is the most appropriate way for communication in the course.

Most of the references and of the literature are in English , as well as the manuscripts for the seminars. Part 5 (Spirituality in early Osteopathy) includes the lecture and discussion of original articles of Still, Littlejohn, Mc Connell, Becker, Wales, Handy etc...